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Psychiatry clinics in Lucknow | Dr S S Lal Srivastava

Dr. S.S. Lal Srivastava started his centre initially for the consultation services related to psychiatric conditions. But now with the passage of time, it has become a renowned centre where all the psychiatric domains are treated with modern tools and techniques. It is honor for us that our centre is regarded as one of the best Psychiatry Clinics in Lucknow.

Medical Psychiatry is a vast and developing field in which a huge variety of medications and psychotherapies are included for curing various problems like depression, phobia, anxiety and other bipolar disorders. Complex childhood experiences, family conflicts, medical problems etc. are the causes of these mental health issues. The complications of mental disorders can affect the social behavior of the patient negatively.

The components of physical, social and mental collectively represent health of an individual. With the development in modern world, people are becoming conscious about their physical as well as mental health. A number of different therapies are included in the category of psychotherapies which are termed as behavioral therapy, de-addiction therapy, relaxation therapy, de-stress therapy etc.

Dr. S.S. Lal Srivastava and team are providing a variety of psychological treatments and services in the form of therapies and medications. Following are some of the problems which are treated by our experienced psychiatrist consultants and doctors:

  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Suicidal attempts
  • Child and Adolescence concerns
  • Alcohol or Drug addiction
  • Problems of Elders

We understand that every patient deserves healthy atmosphere along with specialized care. Our psychiatrists are qualified and trained enough to handle the mental and physical aspects of psychological conditions. They are very cooperative and have friendly behavior towards the patients. We provide practical as well as emotional evaluation and support to our patients. We have treated many patients successfully till now and they are very satisfied from our treatment approach.