Depression, Psychotherapy


Best Treatment for Depression, Psychotherapy in Lucknow | Dr S S Lal Srivastava

Depression comes under the category of psychiatric concerns. It continues to get more complicated with time if left untreated and it can also become a reason of suicide attempt at some later stage.
We are feeling proud for being a part of specialized centre that is offering international standard best Treatment for Depression, Psychotherapy in Lucknow. Our centre is specifically designed to meet the requirements of patient care and compassion. It provides all the preventive, diagnostic, therapeutic, supportive and rehabilitative services under one roof.
Depression can also lead to many physical diseases such as Diabetic Mellitus, high blood pressure, heart diseases, osteoporosis and many other chronic disorders. Diabetic Mellitus signifies the term in which depression can lead to diabetes and diabetes can be the cause of depression. It is a vice-versa condition. Osteoporosis refers to the reduction in bone formation. Maximum people who commit suicide are the victims of depression.
Dr. S. S. Lal Srivastava offers end to end reliable services right from the early detection, prevention to the treatment and recovery process. Our psychiatrists and psychoanalysts are well dedicated and passionate towards their field and work. We encompass all the fundamentals for successful reintegration of our treatment approach. We also involve close family members of the patient in our treatment procedure so that patient can feel safe and comfortable. This method provides ways for fast recovery of patient’s mental health.
Regular and long periods of stress and tensions are the reasons for anxiety and depression and in present competitive world; stress is one of the biggest issues faced by people. We are providing de-stress therapies, relaxation therapies and medications to the patients suffering from depression. These psychotherapies provided by our professional psychiatrists deal with countless problems of mental health. Besides de-stress therapies, our team is also providing advanced treatments and counseling sessions for chronic disorders.